"Turning the BLUE Planet GREEN ~ One Garment At A Time!"


Thanks from Finchdale Cleaners

The Green Clean depot staff, all of the Green Clean customers, and the cleaners - Yazdi Kharwanwala of Finchdale Cleaners and Young-Jin Kim of Heritage Cleaners. It is these cleaners, along with their staff, who have been responsible for pioneering Green Cleaning processes and technologies in their facilities.

Ray Rivers of the Great Lakes Pollution Prevention Centre, Ellen Schwartzel of Pollution Probe, Ohad Jehassi of the U.S. EPA, Kang Shin of the Korean Dry Cleaners Association, Vic Vandermolen of the Ontario Fabricare Association, Peter Campbell of the Ministry of Environment and Energy, and finally to Tom Tseng of Environment Canada for his commitment and support of the Green Clean Project.

Ken Adamson Ontario Fabricare Association
Esther Bobet Environment Canada
Richard Boehnke Dept. of Public Health, City of Toronto
Toby Brodkorb Environment Canada
Lou Brunet Lever Industrial
Peter Campbell Ministry of Environment and Energy
Fred Chen Environment Canada
Diane Chester Green Clean Depot
Mary Marg Crapper Environment Canada
Joanne DiCaro Ministry of Environment and Energy
Al Ermacora Environment Canada
Maureen Evans Environment Canada
Marcus Ginder Environment Canada
Frank Giorno Ministry of Environment and Energy
Lesley Hamilton Green Clean Depot
J. Hattiangadi Fabrix Machines Corp.
Tom Hersey County of Erie
Trevor Holmes Regal Sales Co.
Jake Jackson Green Clean Depot
Ohad Jehassi U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Yazdi Kharwanwala Finchdale Cleaners
Young-Jin Kim Heritage Cleaners
Hyok Su Kwon Fashion Ace Equipment
Janice Larson Mister Leonard Inc.
Eric Leggatt Ministry of Environment and Energy
Marianne Lines Great Lakes Pollution Prevention Centre
Tim Maxwell Suede Master
David Mazaris Davlin Cleaners
McCammon Great Lakes Pollution Prevention Centre
Navazali Merani Our Cleaners
Lou Mignardi Coinamatic Inc.
Neal Milch Aqua Clean Systems Inc.
Jennifer Morrow Pollution Probe
Willi Nolan Bio Business International
Jay Palter Greenpeace
Jo Patton of Neighbourhood Technology
Joe Petrozzi Capital Cleaners
Wayne Poole of Hamilton-Wentworth
Bonny Rice Greenpeace
Stephen Risotto Centre Emissions Control
Ellen Schwartzel Pollution Probe
William Seitz Neighbourhood Cleaners Assoc
Robert Sensenstein Environmental Choice
Nancy Sherwin Environment Canada
Kang Shin Korean Dry Cleaners Association
Jodie Siegel Toxic Use Reduction Institute
Mim Smith-Simon Business Habits Inc.
Richard Simon Business Habits Inc.
Marjorie Tepina Ministry of Environment / Energy
Tom Tseng Environment Canada
Rob Tripp Green Clean Depot
Vic Vandermolen Ontario Fabricare Assoc
Nikki Vecchiola Environment Canada
Diane Weiser Ecomat
Reg Wells Bio Business International Inc.
Anne Wilcock Guelph University
Chris Winter Conservation Council of Ontario
Marguerite Wong City of Toronto
Derek Yue Industry Canada
Helga Zrostek Environment Canada

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